Your ultimate guide to International Property...


Your ultimate guide to buying and selling international property.

Living International Property Magazine

The definitive guide to living, buying and selling property abroad.

What's inside Living International Property Magazine?
  • News from the Property Industry
  • Luxury properties
  • Family homes
  • Holiday homes
  • Articles on architecture, design, interior design
  • Advice on Decoration
  • Top 10: New built mansions, renovations, Waterside homes, luxury homes, family homes.
  • Money: The latest from the world of currency exchange
  • Legal Advice: Legal questions answered by our lawyers.
  • Making a Move: Read others’ stories on making a move to a new destination!
  • Questions answered: Ask us questions that we haven’t answered yet and our experts will answer it for you!

Finding exactly what I have been looking for has never been this easy! This is hilarious! As a bonus it gave me ideas on how to decorate as well.

Belinda T. Georgewell

Property Market Reports

Read about the current property market conditions, check the latest sales and rental reports and find out more about the housing market all around the world.

Interior Design Advice

You have a beautiful house but would like to make it a dream home? Read our articles on interior design written by world known interior designers.

Travel Guide

Before you buy a property why not fly to that country and see what it really feels like being there? We listed the best spots to travel for you.

Your Story

Tell us about your story of making a move to a new destination and inspire others! How did you find your new destination? How did you decide on moving? Why did you move? What affected your decision most when you were deciding where to move? How did it all go? Send us your pictures.

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Do you have a question?

If you have a question that has not been answered in our previous issues, let us know! ASK and our experts will ANSWER it for you.

Whether it's about a destination you might think of making a move or visit, a legal matter related to a property you have or you are thinking of buying, if you would like to get more information on properties on a specific destination in the world or you can't decide where to have your next holiday and you would like to learn about your best options, then write to us and we will be happy to gather the information for you on our next issue. Living international Property Magazine aims to help you in all real estate related issues and make your life much easier.

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