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About 'Living International Property Magazine'

For the past six months, we have been working so hard to bring this  luxury living and property guide to you. We sought to create a magazine that would be genuine, and most importantly something that is destined to be the number one in the world of property magazines.

Packed with news, commercial and residential properties, business articles, holiday homes, investment opportunities, financial and legal advice and more, this quarterly magazine is going to  be your are guide to buying, selling, living and investing abroad. By proudly holding the most widely circulated magazine in the industry title before its launch, IPM is what you all have been waiting for!


With 25000 copy circulation per issue in the new development and property hubs of the world in 17 countries, you will easily be able to find our magazine at 5 star hotels, airport lounges, yacht clubs, private jet centres, private medical facilities, luxury SPA’s and other high end leisure centres.


Imagine your development being featured in our next issue. High net work individuals will be charmed by the luxurious lifestyle you are offering while sipping their expensive Scotch  at airport VIP lounges waiting for their next business flight, or at the SPA centre, relaxing and planning their next vacation.

International Property Magazine will raise the bar on what you should expect from a buying, selling, and investment guide. Published every four months, IPM will present you the most luxurious homes, travel and lifestyle trends in the best locations and destinations across the world. By revealing the up and coming developments, we will  help investors take advantage of situations before they become common knowledge, or help you find the best holiday property for your yearly vacation.

As the International Property team, we would like to thank  all individuals and companies who took part in this magazine. There is no doubt that with the increased visibility that comes with worldwide distribution of the first issue, your development that is only known within your country will soon become a hotspot and trending investment opportunity all around the world! Your achievement is our success!

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